Butter Shredder

Save 38%

Looking for that perfect spread?Does hard butter prevent you from achieving your even-spread potential?The Butter Shredder is here to to help you achieve your dreams!

  • Grates hard butter stick into spreadable shavings cleanly and simply with a few twists; shredded butter spreads/melts more easily
  • Great for warm bread, toast, biscuits, noodles and hot veggies like baked potatoes and corn on the cob
  • Less time spent waiting for cold butter sticks to soften at room temperature
  • Can be used for grinding cheese, butter, fruits, vegetable, etc. Keep your kitchen tidy and clean. Make your food making easier and time saving.
  • This Cheese Mill makes a wonderful addition to your dinner table and is a wonderful helper in the kitchen when preparing your party.

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