Elfinbook 2.0 Smart Notebook Microwave Cloud Erase Notepad Lined With Pen

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  • Features and specifications:
  • Elfinbook is a reusable smart notebook that lets you simply wipe away old notes with your microwave oven, hair drier, damp cloth, or wet tissue, so you can reuse it up to 500 times.
  • The smart notebook works with the Elfinbook app (for both Android and iOS). Simply download the app and use it to scan and store your notes. You can also instantly blast your notes onto cloud services like DropBox, Google Drive, Onedrive, Yandex.Disk and more.
  • Half of the notebook contains ruled paper, and half blank paper, ideal for dual-purpose writing and drawing. It's a perfect tool for students, artists, architects, and even a great toy for children.
  • We suggest using Pilot FriXion pens with the Elfinbook, and to avoid use with other pens.



  • Brand Name:OwlTree
  • Type:Digital Tablets
  • Tablet Width:A5 is 14.8cm, B5 is 17.6cm
  • Model Number:Elfinbook 2.0
  • Material:stone paper
  • Tablet length:A5 is 21cm, B5 is 25cm
  • Pressure Levels:reusable smart notebook
  • Feature 1:reusable notebook
  • Feature 2:erasable notebook
  • Feature 3:smart notebook
  • Feature 4:elfinbook smart notebook
  • Feature 5:elfin notebook
  • Feature 6:reusable smart notebook
  • Feature 7:notebook
  • Feature 8:wave notebook
  • Feature 9:microwave notebook
  • Feature 10:cloud notebook

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