IRIN 39 inch ST Electric Guitar White

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This electric guitar super kit is the ideal musical package for children and adults who want to start learning to play right away. 
This standard size electric guitar can play a variety of distinct notes, making it great for musicians who want to try anything from light rock to heavy metal. 
With a T-100 tone controller and one JA-01 sound box, you'll find your perfect sound in no time.
Use it at home to practice on your own, or take it on the road and play for others.
It has a comfortable hand feeling and high durability, the overall design is beautiful and smooth, and it has a full sense of use.
With everything the budding musician needs, the electric guitar super kit is a wonderful gift for guitar students of all ages.

Brand: IRIN
Condition: Brand New
Material: Maple Wood
Color: White
Size: Approx. 100 * 32.5 cm / 39.37 * 12.79 in
Weight: Approx. 4.8 kg

Package List:
1 * Electric Guitar
1 * Shoulder Bag
2 * Guitar Pick
1 * String Set
1 * Tone Controller
1 * Sound Box

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