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Pendant "Om Mani Padme Hum" in 925 Silver

by BeGears
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This original pendant will appeal to followers of Buddhist philosophy. Its design allows it to turn its inner wheel at will but also to turn it over.

This pendant is engraved with one of the most famous Mantras of Mahayana Buddhism and the national mantra of Tibet: the Mantra of "Compassion".

We can distinguish on this jewel a beautiful lotus flower where the mantra is engraved, in "siddham" script (an ancient Sanskrit alphasyllabary): Om Mani Padme Hum in 6 syllables, followed by the 7th syllable "Hrih".

Meaning of this Mantra:

Om: which symbolizes the body, the word and the spirit
Mani: "the jewel" which represents the intention to become an enlightened, compassionate and loving being.
Padme: "the lotus" which symbolizes wisdom.
Hmm: which symbolizes indivisibility.
The vibration of this mantra makes it possible to awaken our memory of divine human being, to activate "the Jewel" of the Lotus which is in us so that we can all manifest our Divinity on earth, in the joy of unity.

This jewel bears both a very old Hindu symbol in the shape of a cross on the outline of the pendant: the Swastika (in Sanskrit). It denotes an auspicious sign or the expression of good luck.


Characteristics :

Materials: 925 silver
Dimensions: height: 3.4 cm / width: 2.4 cm
Thickness: 0.6 cm
Weight: 11.1g
Supplied without collar