DIY Ukulele Kit

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  • Children and parents work together to improve relationships, excellent parent-child interaction activity. 
  • Simple and fun to build. Perfect as a gift.
  • Sanded & polished perfectly, and pre-drilled. It will need a very slight sanding for finishing.
  • Artistic activities can provide children with an interesting and inspirational environment to help children understand the natural world and their own exploration.
  • Perfect for DIY Beginner & Music Fan

Material: Basswood Body + Plastic + Metal + Ukulele Nylon Strings

Component List:

- Basswood Box(1pcs)

- Basswoof Neck(1pcs)

- Plastic Fingerboard(1pcs)

- Plastic Bridge (1pcs)

- Plastic Pillow(2pcs)

- Nylon String(4pcs)

- Sound Points(2pcs)

- Knob(4pcs)

- Knob Screw Nut(4pcs)

- Knob Screw(8pcs)

- Bridqe Screw(2pcs)

- Fingerboard Screw(4pcs)


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