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Gold and Silver Skulls Braided Men's Leather Bracelet

by BeGears
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Color: Black with Silver Skull

Nowadays, there’s no such thing as having too many skulls. Nope, we’re not talking about the human anatomy. We are talking about our Gold and Silver Skulls Braided Men's Leather Bracelet!  This alluring bracelet features not just one—but two of these mischievous ornaments into one accessory. And this might be the most customizable kind we have yet.

This product combines both the well-known punk bad boy of yourself along with the class and sophistication of an elegant piece of jewelry. There’s no better combination than genuine leather and high-quality metals. But it gets even better as we delve deeper into it.

The strap is made sturdier by adapting the braided technique. This ensures that no matter how heavy the hand or how athletic the wearer is, the accessory can last long and is more susceptible to damage due to normal wear.

Is black too plain for you? We have a number of other colors to build up your collection: green, red, blue, black and white checkered, brown, and white. Get these hues, and you will wear the same style over and over again.

At the front and center of the bracelet are two skulls made from copper or zinc alloy. Yes, you read that right. There's another choice for these charms. Once you’ve chosen the color for your bracelet's strap, you can pick between silver or gold for the hue of the charms. It applies to the color of the bracelet's clasp.

The locking mechanism of this bracelet is simple, quick, and easy. Using the power of magnets, it makes the accessory effortless to wear and remove. There's no need to worry about the accessory accidentally falling off as the magnets are powerful enough to only be separated by human force.

Real men show off their hardcore side. Let your wrist do the talking with our Gold and Silver Skulls Braided Men's Leather Bracelet! 

Color Pendant/Beads: Gold, Silver
Chain: Black, Green, Red, Blue, Black & White Checkered, Brown, White
Materials Pendant/Beads: Copper, Zinc Alloy
Chain: Leather
Length 7.87 in.
Design and Style Braided leather bracelet with two metal skull charms