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Natural Clear Crystal Beads 6 Syllable Mantra Bracelet

by BeGears
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Metal Color: 8MM

Clear Quartz Crystals have very high vibrations. They strongly resonate within the eighth chakra bearing its white color. It also resonate within all the chakras especially the higher chakras. The mind and heart become more open to higher guidance and will assist the higher chakras to emit white light and aid you to reach the higher spiritual realms more easily. Clear Quartz produces a field of healing negative ions while removing positive ions to protect the aura.  It brings strength and clarity to the intellect, aids concentration and memory retention, and filters out distractions.

This bracelet is a beautiful real clear quartz crystal in its purest form with its main cylinder center bead exquisitely etched with the 6-syllable mantra.

The six syllable mantra is the most well known mantra. It is used to purify certain areas in a person such as pride, jealousy, desire, ignorance/prejudice, greed, and hatred. It focuses on the progression of:

  • Generosity
  • Ethics
  • Patience
  • Diligence
  • Renunciation
  • Wisdom

While chanting "om", one should try to become one with the Buddha. "Mani" means a treasure-begetting wish, which reportedly resides in the brain of the Dragon King and can attract all kinds of treasures. "Padme" means lotus, indicating that Buddha's dharms is as pure as a lotus. "Hum" indicates that one must rely on divine energy to achieve Buddhahood.


Product Details:

  • Item Type: Bracelet
  • Item Condition: Brand New
  • Material: Natural Crystal
  • Color: Clear
  • Chain Type: Elastic
  • Length: 23cm | 9in

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