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Fortune Rainbow Eye Obsidian PiXiu Bracelet

by BeGears
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"Touch Pixiu once good luck comes, twice money rolls in and three times promotion all the way up."

The Pi Xiu is a celestial creature that is commonly known to attract wealth, and luck to its owner. Whether it is a display or being worn, it induces great effects of prosperity. To continuously increase the flow of fortune to your life, donning the Fortune Rainbow Eye Obsidian PiXiu Bracelet is the best to use as you can wear it everywhere!

Pi Xui is also known as Pi Yao or Tian Lu. It originated in China and was the most popular wealth-inducing Chinese mythology figure manifesting a dragon head, a body like the horse, a qilin's feet that look like lion's, beard and wings. The only opening it has in its body are the ones on the head, it doesn't have an anus. It reflects that the fortune and wealth it induces will only flow within and not come out.

When wearing the Fortune Rainbow Eye Obsidian PiXiu Bracelet, you must be aware of its do's and don'ts:

  • It must be worn on the left hand as it is believed that the left hand attracts fortune and luck. Right-hand symbolizes giving your wealth to others.
  • Make sure that the head of Pi Xiu is facing outward. It is believed that it is getting the luck from outside going into you. 
  • Whenever you are not wearing the bracelet such as sleeping or bathing, make sure to place it in the living room. Never place it in your bedroom. The same rule applies to a figurine of Pi Xiu.
  • Don't let others touch our Pi Xiu, once does just wash it with water. You are the only one who must touch it, and do it as frequently as possible to allow the Pi Xiu to acknowledge that you are its owner/master.

The Natural Rainbow Eye Obsidian PiXiu Bracelet is made with beautiful rainbow eye obsidian. The Rainbow Eye Obsidian is known to bring love, happiness, and light in your life. It is also a protective stone that is said to secure you from emotional harm and other negativities.

Beautifully crafted, the Fortune Rainbow Eye Obsidian PiXiu Bracelet is your natural lucky charm. Dance through the light and observe how the rainbows of obsidian come out! Intricately polished by master artisans to achieve that precious looking Pi Xiu that suits well with any outfits you pair it with! 


✔️Item Type: Bracelet
✔️Size: 8 mm

✔️Material: Rainbow Obsidian, Braided rope
✔️Clasp Type: Box-with-tongue

Don the Fortune Rainbow Eye Obsidian PiXiu Bracelet now and start attracting all the wealth, love, and happiness you deserve!

This item is handmade in small and infrequent batches. We recommend ordering immediately to avoid stock shortages.

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