Simple Hand Woven Tennis Racket Leather Bracelet

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[Product name] : Woven leather bracelet  

[Material] : PU+ alloy + hemp rope  

[Article Number] : B01945  

[Weight]: 10 grams  

[Size] : Leather width 1.2cm, length 17-18cm + pulling rope length about 8-9cm, can be pulled while adjusting the size.  

[Description] : As shown in the picture, all products are taken under natural light, what you see are taken in kind, but due to various reasons such as different display, the color you see on the picture may be slightly different from the real thing, please take the real thing as the standard.


B01945 (5).JPG

B01945 (4).JPG

B01945 (3).JPG

B01945 (6).JPG

B01945 (2).JPG



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